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When full service surrogacy agencies are charging anywhere between $18,000 to $50,000.00 and an entire surrogacy journey costs between $120,000K to $195,000+K it is more important than ever to learn about the surrogacy process and know what to expect from the entire journey. Most important is to work with a surrogacy consultant if you have found your surrogate on your own and you want to continue working without an agency. LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting offers the following packages for those just starting out on a road that may take 15 to 18 months or more, from start to finish:

Complete LSC Kick Starter Educational Program - $850.00 (Current Special of $150.00 off Original Pricing: $700.00)

5 hours of consultation via phone/Zoom
Educational Materials Provided

You will learn about the following topics:

Basic terms and definitions
Steps in planning your family via surrogacy
The qualifications of a gestational carrier or traditional surrogate
Questions to ask your IVF/Fertility Clinic
Surrogacy Compensation and fees/extra costs
Finding reproductive attorneys and mental health professionals
Finding surrogate friendly insurance, escrow services and states with surro-friendly laws
About the surrogacy agency; what to expect
Questions to ask a surrogacy agency before you sign a retainer agreement 
Tips on working with your clinic in a surrogacy arrangement
Questions and issues often found in a surrogacy contract
The surrogacy process; a check list 
How to find a surrogate independently 
Managing expectations before, during and after the surrogacy relationship
and much more!

*Once this base package is purchased, you will be eligible for discounts on other packages and specials.


"I Have Questions" 4 hour Consulting Package - $750.00

No materials are included in this package. This package is mainly used to discuss your current situation and focus on any issues you may be having. You set the agenda and LaMothe Surrogacy Consultants will guide and coach through that specific problem or concern. Some examples of questions to discuss or situations that need extra support:

  • What is the usual amount of compensation expected to be paid to a Gestational Carrier?
  • What are the break down in costs involved in a surrogacy arrangement?
  • How much do we need to deposit into the Escrow account?
  • What types of issues are commonly addressed in a surrogacy contract?
  • What questions should I ask my clinic now that I am considering surrogacy?
  • How do I find a qualified surrogate?
  • What questions should I ask a surrogacy Agency that I am considering hiring?
  • What are the pros and cons of Traditional Surrogacy?
  • How do we find a qualified psychologist for the evaluation?
  • Who should hold the money~ Recommended Escrow Services?
  • Where can we find a qualified reproductive attorney?
  • How do we find a clinic in our surrogates area for monitoring?
  • What appointments should the IP's really attend? What if IPs are located out of state or out of the country? 
  • What do we do if there is a break down in communication between any of the parties involved? 
  • What happens if there is a miscarriage or stillbirth?
  • What happens if my surrogate/carrier is in breach of contract?
  • What about insurance for the surrogate and baby?
  • What about after the birth, what type of relationship can be expected?
  • What if we want our surrogate to pump breast milk?
  • Plus whatever else you can think of! 

*If you have purchased the Kick Starter then you can save $150.00 on this 4 hour package, making it $600.00!


Per Hour Cost - $200.00

We never recommend pay per hour. It simply is not cost effective. Almost everyone runs well over a hour during a phone call so we recommend the above 4 hour "I Have Questions" Package. If you MUST have a short call then this is the one. We can use Zelle or Pay Pal and once payment is made we can make the time to chat ASAP. 

* If you have purchased the Kick Starter then the hourly rate is reduced to $150.00 Per Hour 


Personal IN-Consultation Package  - $1,195.00

This package is for those located in the Greater Seattle Area (75 mile radius from Snohomish, WA)
Included in this package:

  • 5 hours of consultation in your own home
  • All educational Materials for up to 4 people (2 manuals)
  • Travel round trip from Snohomish to your home
  • Discussing all of the Kick Starter topics

Over 75 miles radius is an additional cost based on location

* With this package you can save 10% on the 20 hour "I Don't Want To Do This Alone" Package if you choose to add on


"I Don't Want To Do This Alone" Consultation Support Package - $4,000.00

You have decided to move forward with an Independent Surrogacy Arrangement and just need some support and guidance along the way. This package may just be the one you are looking for and includes the following:

  • 20 hours of consultation time to use when needed
  • Educational Manual including check lists
  • Meetings by either phone or Zoom

* With this package an additional 20 hours is offered at a 20% discount if needed
* Subtract $500.00 if you do not want the educational materials making this package $3,500.00 ($175.00 per hour)


Our Signature LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting Full Surrogacy Management Package - $12,000.00 (Paid in 2 installments)

LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting offers an entire surrogacy management package. This package is offered to those who have already found their own surrogate though their own search be it a family member, friend, or through online classified ads. This Full Surrogacy Management Package includes the initial educational package plus assisting in all of the details of a surrogate arrangement without the matching process. Our package lasts from the time you pay our retainer, throughout the medical and psychological testing, contract negotiation, embryo transfers (max 2 transfers with the same surrogate), pregnancy and birth. Attending appointments and birth are included in this service with you only paying the additional travel expenses. 
Here is a brief outline of some of the services included in this LSC Full Surrogacy Management Package:
Initial 3-5 hour meeting via phone or Zoom including materials for you and your surrogate outlining the process
Background checks on your surrogate if she is unknown
Home assessments if she is unknown (extra cost if not local-within the greater Seattle Area)
Assisting with gathering of the medical/pregnancy records from your surrogate's OB/Midwife
Assisting you in finding a psychologist for the mental health screen
Helping with a health, life and disability policies if needed
Finding an attorney for you and your surrogate 
Being available for embryo transfers and other appointments
(Plus travel expenses for trips over 50 miles)
Arranging to send verbal/e-mail agreements between parties to the attorney to be included in the contract
Coordinating and/or locating a RE/clinic to work with the surrogate arrangement (in the case of a satellite office if needed)
Assisting with locating a "surrogate friendly" OB office
Coordinating escrow/trust Accounts for the distribution of funds throughout the contract time frame
Assisting with mediation and/or coaching throughout the surrogacy process
General case management and support
Attending the birth if requested
Bi-Weekly check ins with all parties throughout the pregnancy and for the first 8 weeks after the birth via email or telephone

First installment due at retaining LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting and the 2nd Installment due at the signing of the surrogacy contract between your gestational carrier and yourself. Please do contact us and we can discuss the full details
The information, facts, and opinions provided by LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting are no substitute for medical, legal, or mental health advice.  Always consult a medical professional for any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always consult an attorney for any legal advice or services regarding your unique situation.  The information shared by LaMothe Surrogacy Consulting is offered for educational purposes only and may not be relied upon for your personal medical or legal situation. 
*No refunds for services rendered on any package
*Payment must be made before any consultations begin or as mutually arranged

Going Independent?
That Does Not Mean You Have to Do It All Alone!
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